Our Customer Service Representatives can assist you in becoming a shipper on any of our common carrier pipeline systems. We require you to provide us with the items below:

  • A letter indicating your desire to become a shipper.
  • Written proof that you have a supply source for your commodity.
  • Written proof that you have a terminal or connecting carrier that will receive your commodity from our pipeline and,
  • For prorated systems, a letter signed by an officer of your company stating that you have not been a consignee of an existing shipper on that pipeline in the preceding 12 months.
  • All prospective shippers must submit sufficient financial information to establish credit-worthiness. If a potential shipper is not credit-worthy or if shipper's credit deteriorates, we may require prepayment of tariff related charges and / or a letter of credit from an appropriate financial institution in acceptable form.

Submit your documents to Chevron Pipe Line Company, and after a little work on our part, we will inform you in writing of your shipper status.