Chevron Pipe Line Company has designed and implemented a Community Awareness and Outreach (CA&O) Program to enhance the community's awareness of pipeline safety, the use of the One-Call process and how to recognize and respond to pipeline emergency events. As part of these activities, Chevron distributes informational and educational brochures to communities and businesses along existing pipeline right-of-ways, local government officials, emergency response personnel and members of the construction and excavation industry.

Pipeline Safety & Disturbances

To report irregularities or damages to a pipeline -- scrapes, dents, gouges or disturbances -- please contact us immediately at +1 800.762.3404.

It is urgent that the pipeline owner inspect and repair any damage to the line or coating.

Call Before You Dig

If your company does excavation work, or if you are a homeowner or farmer who occasionally digs on your property, we need your help in preventing pipeline emergencies.

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